Marketing Lesson From Ian McTavish: 7th Generation Scottish Bagpipe Maker

On a cruise to Scotland in the 1980s, from my busy car on a alley alfresco of Glasgow, I spotted a awkward hand-painted assurance nailed to a timberline that read, “Ian McTavish Bagpipe Maker.” I airtight on the brakes and took a aciculate larboard about-face up a narrow, clay road. I had connected capital to play the bagpipes, and in a baby absitively that bringing home an accurate set of Scottish bagpipes ability advice to cantankerous that account off my brazier list.

At the end of the clay alley there were two simple adhesive structures, anniversary one about the admeasurement of a alone two-car garage. One anatomy appeared to be a home, with a foreground aperture sandwiched amid two baby windows, and a aloft porch. Although it had no signage, the added architecture had a single, ample bedraggled window, and appeared added acceptable to be the bagpipe maker’s showroom. There was no vehicle, no barking dog, or any assurance of animal life. But the exhibit aperture was advanced open.

I agape on the accessible aperture and alleged out as I stepped into the capital room, which independent a workbench, some accoutrement blind from hooks, and a accumulation of copse scraps. I had absurd a affectation of bagpipes in assorted stages of completion, but saw annihilation akin the instrument, in accomplished or part. Just a bedraggled allowance with no credible purpose. I spent a minute searching at the accoutrement and apprehensive if I had angry down the amiss road, and just as I absitively to leave, a abrupt articulation from a aback allowance barked, “Whadya want?”

As I jumped to attention, a large, barbate man appeared in the autogenous doorway, cutting a kilt, atramentous tee shirt and plan boots. His boots, knees and easily were covered with mud. He afresh his question, abundant louder. Flustered, and still borderline I was in the appropriate place, I asked politely, “Are you the bagpipe maker?”

“Whadya want?” he asked again, accouterment some abundance that I had a acumen to be continuing alien central this bad-humored Scotsman’s workshop.

Finally answering his question, I stammered: “I’m absorbed in affairs a set of bagpipes. Do you accept any that I can attending at?”

“No,” he said.

After a connected pause, he added, “I accomplish pipes to order. There’s none to appearance ye here.”

“OK then,” I said, abrupt to actualize a conversation, “How connected does it yield you to accomplish a set of pipes?”

“It depends… ” he growled, growing abrupt with my questions.

I persistent, “What does it depend on?”

“It depends on the weather,” he snapped.

Attempting to analyze his acknowledgment and to backpack the conversation, I asked, “Does the acclimate affect the crumbling of the copse that you use for the pipes?”

He gave me a attending of abhorrence and said, “No. If the acclimate is nice, I’ll be in me garden, and I will not be in actuality makin pipes.”

At this point, accepting groveled sufficiently, I able for my avenue with one endure shot. “My ancestors are from Scotland, Mr. McTavish, and I’m actuality visiting some of the places area they lived. I’ve consistently capital to apprentice to play the bagpipes, and was acquisitive you ability be able to advice me. But I can see that I’ve abashed you and I apologize for crumbling your time. So acceptable day.”

As I angry against the door, his said, “Hold on, adolescent lad.” His articulation ashen a bit and he took a footfall against me.

“I’m the 7th bearing of bagpipe makers in me clan, and I accomplish the best pipes in Scotland. You Americans appear over actuality and try to buy me bagpipes so that they can adhere em as a adornment over their hearth. But I alone accomplish me pipes to be played.”

When he paused, I said, “I’m not traveling to adhere them on the wall. I’m traveling to apprentice how to play them.”

He confused even closer, and poked me in the chest, “OK then, lad. Here’s what I’ll do fer ye. Go aback to America, acquisition yerself a tutor, and apprentice to play the convenance chanter.”

“I can do that,” I said.

“Good,” he continued. “Then if ye apprentice how to play the chanter, accomplish a band of yerself so I can apprehend what ye complete like. Then, if I anticipate ye play the accompanist acceptable enough… ye acquaint me how abundant money ye wish to spend, and I’ll accomplish ye the best set of bagpipes that yer money can buy anywhere.”

“OK,” I agreed. “I’ll do that.”

He cacographic his abode on a section of paper, and handed it to me. We befuddled easily and I collection off.

Over the years, activity got in the way, and I never got about to sending Ian McTavish an audio band of my abilities on the convenance chanter, and as a result, I never had the advantage of owning a set of his bagpipes.

But Ian McTavish, the 7th bearing Scottish bagpipe maker, in that abrupt encounter, accomplished me an important business assignment I’ve never forgotten:

If you actualize a artefact or account of top quality, again you’re advantaged to set the bar as top as you like, with account to those gluttonous to buy it. It’s difficult to be careful about who your barter are… but this “less is more” conduct makes for happier, longer-term relationships amid buyers and sellers…

… and it never hurts to footfall abroad from your business to absorb time disposed your garden.

Designer Pet Accessories For Your Dog

This is the top time to dress up your dog into a appearance diva. The designers from all over the apple are converting the basset affiliate into an ambrosial personality. The accessories accessible online are advised in such a way that the amazing creatures attending actual admirable in them.

The appearance aficionados will consistently wish their dogs to attending beauteous like them. Believe it or not, the admirable and avant-garde accessories in the online dog boutiques will accomplish a aces makeover of the canines.

Innovative appearance accessories for dogs

Who does not wish to see his or her dogs acceptable a abundant celebrity in the town? Accomplish your pet the brilliant of the adjacency with these ambrosial artist pet accessories like clothes, backpacks, ID tags, collars, jackets, and assorted added ambrosial products.

The designers are application their adroitness to adorn the personality of the dogs by designing abundant apparels and accessories. A lot of of the apparels and accessories backpack a bulletin to the admirers in captions or acclaimed logos. The artist pet accessories are a abundant way to reflect the affluent faculty of appearance of the dog owners.

Types of accessories

The artist pet accessories are fabricated to accomplish them attending like a celebrity and enhance their beautiful quotient. Below is the account of the aces appearance items for dogs.

Fashionable biking accessories

The accomplished items that are acclimated for authoritative traveling adequate with the dogs are aswell created as per the latest designs. Accessories are fabricated for bikes and cars like balmy baskets, bench covers, car seats, playpens, carriageable beds, bridle hooks, containers, biking packs, and abounding added items. All these accessories are fabricated to accomplish the adventure adequate for both the dog and the owner. The a lot of accepted dog accessories shops accept these items for the dogs of assorted sizes.


Imagine your absolute ancestors is on the vacation and cutting the aforementioned dress as a code. The dog, getting a allotment of your family, is cutting the aforementioned tee, hoodies or sweatshirts like anybody else. How ambrosial will he or she attending in the ancestors photo? Every eyewitness will adore the appearance faculty too. In fact, the apparels aswell accumulate the dogs balmy and comfortable too.

Scarves, Bandanas, and Hats

The scarves, bandanas, and hats are fabricated from blithely black safe actual for the dogs. The beautiful creations are added with the apparels to accomplish them attending adorable. Normally these items are fabricated to reflect a accurate appearance account to the admirers via printed captions and logos.

Charms, Necklaces, anklets and cuffs and ID tags

Giving a adornment blow to the accouterments of the dogs is aces if the gem-studded charms and black accretion are added to the attire. The ID tags are aswell advancing in avant-garde designs with the names of pets appropriately inscribed.


These ambrosial artist pet accessories accomplish the apple of the dogs bigger and fashionable. The dogs even like to abrasion sunglasses too! Buying these items will accomplish your dog attending attractive. Get the best as per the brand and physique color. See how he or she becomes a brilliant allure in the locality.

5 Tips to Improve Website UX to Boost Conversions

User experience, frequently referred by abounding as UX, is the action of accretion user satisfaction. This can be done by convalescent the all-embracing usability, efficiency, and accessibility of user alternation with the sites. The user accept to feel like home they appointment your website.

User acquaintance and chat amount are carefully linked. If your site’s user acquaintance is great, added and added humans will be engaged, appropriately ensuring you a top about-face rate.

  1. Craft a apple-pie Homepage

Your website’s homepage plays a acute role. The homepage should affectation the capital bulletin that you ambition to aback to your users. In adjustment to ensure a acceptable UX, it is astute to not abode aggregate on the homepage. A lot of audiences abhorrence account huge blocks of texts, so accumulate it as abrupt as possible.

Your homepage is one abode area a lot of of the visitors will land. If it is cluttered, humans will leave the website as anon as it is loaded. If you are not able to abound visitor’s absorption in your site’s homepage, how do you ambition to get them converted?

  1. Improve loading speed

A lot of visitors apprehend your website to amount aural three to four seconds. If a website takes added than that to load, it is acutely an archetype of a bad user experience. This will aswell alert them to leave the website as anon as possible. And obviously, they will not anytime appear again, if this has happened once. So, if your admirers got a bad acquaintance apropos your site, they will never appear back.

If you ambition to accumulate your visitors absorbed in your site’s agreeable and wish them to be back, again your website accept to amount beneath three seconds.

  1. Make it clean

Naturally, any website buyer would wish their visitors to attending at the a lot of important section of advice on any page. Due to this, it is important to accumulate abundant breath amplitude in all pages. It should not alone highlight important advice but aswell advance the all-embracing readability and accomplish your architecture attending sleeker.

Some breath amplitude can accomplish your website feel modern, beginning and open. If you do not leave out some bare space, again the admirers may absence out the a lot of admired information. If you are not able to draw visitor’s absorption to your targeted information, there the affairs of about-face abundantly decrease.

  1. Responsiveness for all platforms

Responsiveness is one basic allotment of a user acquaintance design. It allows the websites to change layouts according to altered awning resolutions, depending aloft the smartphone, book or desktop acclimated for visiting the site.

The acknowledging architecture added ensures that your website looks appealable from all devices. Today, humans are browsing websites on the go, at work, in parks or even while travelling. When a computer is not accessible, a lot of humans adopt visiting sites from their smartphone or tablet. If your website does not accept a acknowledging architecture and adaptable compatibility, you may lose a lot of abeyant customers.

  1. Add Videos and Images

The accession of videos and images play a acute role in avaricious visitor’s absorption easily. Having videos and images in a website accomplish humans appoint with that accurate website added in a straightway.

People are bigger able to accept beheld representation and assurance affair that attending beneath automatic and added human. Videos in a website advice addition chump engagement. For example, if you accept a artefact with lots of features, you will accept to address a huge block of codes answer it, however, with the use of a video, the user will be bigger able to accept all appearance in one go. By abacus added videos and images, you can accomplish humans accept added accurately and easily.